New Gymnast Info

Welcome to Aspiring Gymsports. Here are few request, hints and tips for preparing for a gym session:


Before coming to gym please ensure your child is in good health. In particular that they do not have a cough, fever, sneezing, runny nose or loss of smell or taste.


If your session is at Reece Crecent, parking can be tricky at times, but you can use the Mitre 10 car park. Please DO NOT BLOCK OR USE BUTCHERS SHOP driveway. You can drop your child off and leave or are most welcome to come and watch the session through the glass doors from the hallway. Please note, you must stay with your child if they attending our 4 yr old class. 


Gymnasts should come dressed in clean clothing suitable for gym, which may include any of the following - bike shorts, leggings, a close fitting t-shirt, sweat shirt or leotard, please avoid baggy clothes or school uniforms. In the winter layers are ideal. Shoulder length or longer hair must be tied up and jewllery should be removed.

What to bring 

Please bring a named, full water bottle. Competitive gymnasts may bring personal gym equipment in a small bag which they can carry around with them. 


Most sessions will not have snack breaks unless they are 2hrs or more so please ensure your child has a snack before the session. 


The disabled toilet is the one allocated for gymnasts to use. For one hour classes children should ideally use the bathroom before they enter the gym.

Gear storage 

Please ask your gymnast to take off thier shoes in the hallway and place them in a cubby hole with any other belongings. Parents should also remove shoes if coming into the gym.

Entering the Gym

At the start of the session please wait in the hallway and a coach will invite all the gymnasts in together. Once in the gym, gymnasts will do group warm ups and then be allocated to a group with a coach. Please talk to a coach if you have any concerns about your child settling or if your child needs any special help with anything or you have any information that will help our coaches ensure your child has the best experience possible.

Pick Up

Your child's safety is paramount to us, please come into the building to collect them. Once they leave the gym there is no supervisison and there's a busy road outside.

More info

We look forward to seeing you at the gym please get in touch at if you have any questions.